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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To be or not to be baptized? That is the question!

When I came to faith a year and a half ago, I was lead to the doctrines of grace by my Reformed Baptist church home. Well I now attend a reformed christian college that has the majority of the students hold the position of paedo-baptism (infant baptism). Now that I am in my second year, the topic of baptism has sprung up a number of times. Well I am now going to study what i believe (credo-baptist, believers baptism), why, and take a look at both sides. Im going to be reading a few books and will be giving a summery of what i have been learning. So stay tuned and may God be glorified through this process.

P.S. I want all of your guys' critiques on what im saying so i can further my study and held defend what I believe!